Kawasaki Releases the Brand New 2018 Line Up of KLX and KXF Models

No matter if you're a beginner looking to get into riding trails, an amateur motocross racer, or even an AMA pro, the newly revised line of 2018 KXF and KLX bikes, by Kawasaki, are guaranteed to perform. Kawasaki has been a long standing name of quality and performance in the industry, having supported big name professional riders like Adam Cianciarulo, Ryan Villopoto, and even James Stewart. It goes untold that Kawasaki has had an abundance of rider feedback, professional testing, and research to ensure that the 2018 line will be a cut above the competition.

The bike seeing the most changes is the KX250F. Transworld Motocross reported that the 2018 model will see improvements in: Power and toque by introducing:
  1. A new throttle body and injector angle
  2. A new fuel pump that is increased in pressure capabilities
  3. A redesigned intake boot
  4. An all new intake camshaft
  5. Cylinder head revision
  6. A newly designed header
  7. ECU tuning updates and features including the optional KXFI calibration kit
Improved suspension and better handling by using:
  1. Showa 48mm seperate function forks (SFF Type 2)
  2. A lightweight perimeter frame
  3. A 270mm Braking Brand front rotor

The newly designed KX250F will be a top contender in the 2018 year, and is available now starting at _$7,749_ in Lime Green. Transworld Motocross KX250F Article

The KX250F's big brother, the KX450F is also set to see some improvements. The bike has a proven record of success, so changes made on the 450 were more subtle, and only to enhance the riding experience of the bike, not change it. Motocross Action Magazine cited a few of the improvements such as:

  1. A new resonance chamber to enhance low RPM power
  2. Weight reduction by using a completely steel-free air-box design
  3. Better airflow by improved air-box and intake shape under the seat
  4. Usage of lighter weight gears in the transmission to reduce rotational weight,durability, and shifting response.
  5. Engine refinements such as the new 36MM titanium valves, an 8.5MM cylinder offset to reduce mechanical friction, and a bridged-box piston design featuring an 12:8:1 compression ratio.
All of these updates are going to enhance the performance of the new 2018 KX450F, while maintaining the competitive price point of _$8,849_ . Motocross Action Magazine KX450F Write-Up

Proving its versatility, Kawasaki also worked to improve the line up of entry level and trail capable bikes, the 2018 KL-X series. The KLX140 is a staple in the world of well rounded bikes. It is a perfect bike for anyone from a first time rider to an experienced rider looking for a smooth and reliable bike.The KLX140 is available in regular, L, and G forms to ensure a perfect fit for a rider of almost any size.

The KLX140 wheel variations:

  • Kawasaki KLX140:($3,099) _Front Wheel:_ 17 Inches _Rear Wheel:_ 14 Inches
  • Kawasaki KLX140L:($3,399) _Front Wheel:_ 19 inches _Rear Wheel:_16 Inches
  • Kawasaki KLX140G:($3,699) _Front Wheel:_21 Inches _Rear Wheel:_18 Inches
As the 2017 year continues to an end, the 2018 line-up of KX-F and KL-X bikes look promising to provide industry leading success, performance, and reliability, all while representing Kawasaki, the bike that builds champions.