The 2017 High Point MX Event

The Lucas Oil Motocross Championship resumed at the fourth round of the season after breaking for one week. The 2017 High Point MX took place a week ago in the southern region of Pennsylvania. None of the riders had tried the new track. All the riders had a good chance to take first place. The sun was scorching on the day of the event. This ensured that the track was dry.

250 Moto One

The race was a hotly contested one from the start in this category. Jeremy Martin started very strongly on his Honda and led the pack through the first laps. The riders were hot on his heels, but they started to spread out sooner. Aaron Plessinger was the first to move away from the pack on his Yamaha/Star Racing Bike. Zach Osborne who rides a Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna slipped ahead of the other riders into third place.

Several riders including Sean Cantrell, RJ Hampshire, and Joey Savatgy tussled for a slot in the top ten. The leading trio drifted away with a series of quick corners and a fast pace as time went on. Martin got the chance to increase his lead as Osborne and Plessinger battled for second place. Osborne gained the upper hand over Plessinger on a fast downhill section after a few laps of going back and forth. He focused on Martin and was able to decrease the lead in a few laps.

The two riders went toe-to-toe in a battle that showed their strengths and weaknesses. Osborne made a move with ten minutes left and did the same maneuver to take the lead. Martin is also a two-time 250 MX champion. He led the race for nine laps. Osborne claimed the win with a margin of seven seconds.

250 Moto Two

Alex Martin is the brother of Jeremy Martin. Alex took the lead in this race earlier. The Red Bull/GoPro rider was trailed by Jeremy, Forkner, and Plessinger. Martin was able to catch up with Plessinger and passed him to take second place. He set off to try and claim the top spot. He was able to do so midway through the race. The pass proved to be the decisive one for the race because it allowed Jeremy to clinch the victory.

Second Place

Zach Osborne started the race poorly. He was able to pick himself up as the race progressed. Zach passed several riders in a short time and then caught up with Alex Martin and Aaron Plessinger. He passed the two easily. He then ran into some problems as the race went on. He had to ditch his goggles after a rock hit them and allowed sweat to creep onto the side. This blocked his vision. This is why he decided to do away with them.

The visor at the top of Osborneā€™s helmet broke during a routine operation. He held off Martin and Plessinger to book a second place in the race and overall despite not having any protection against the dust.

Overall Standings

  1. Jeremy Martin
  2. Zach Osborne
  3. Aaron Plessinger

It is important to note that Martin and Osborne won one race each. Martin was first because the margin of victory was higher in his case.