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How To Sell A Used Motorcycle For Good Money

When you have things you want to sell, you want to get the most money you can for it. To be able to do that, it can take a little knowledge and research on your part. When it comes to things like vehicles and motorcycles, you may be wondering how do you determine the value of my vehicle. To get the best price you can for your used motorcycle, follow some of these great tips below.

Setting The Price

Most of what you will be able to get for your used bike will depend on what is reasonable for it depending on its year and condition. To be able to set a realistic price that will get interest from buyers, you will need to do some research. The best way to find out what you could possibly get for your bike is to check other sites to see what bikes similar to yours are selling for. To compare, they need to be in similar condition as well. When the time comes to set your price, make it competitive to other similar style motorcycles to have the best chance at getting it sold.

Clean It Up

While appearance is not everything when it comes to successfully selling a used bike or other vehicle, it can certainly sway the right buyer. The appearance of a bike will usually tell a lot about its condition and how well the motorcycle was maintained. Motorcycles that look really clean and visually appealing have more of a chance at getting sold for your top price with minimum haggling. A weekend spent detailing and shining up your old bike can really pay for itself when it comes to selling it.


If the bike is running well when a potential buyer comes to test it, you will have a better chance of them taking it. Spending a little time and money to change simple things like the spark plugs and fluids will have it running its best while you are trying to sell it. Unless you are willing to cut down your selling price to compensate, all parts that are visibly worn or looking unappealing should be replaced. Things like hand grips and shift rubbers can really take off some years to the look of a bike.

Sell To Dealer

In some cases, you may get a better deal by selling or trading in your used motorcycle to a dealership. This option is especially useful when you are selling your bike in order to upgrade to a newer one of different style. While you may not always get top dollar by selling to a dealer, you will save time and money on advertising your bike. Selling to a dealership can be much easier and quicker.


Unless you have something very unique, you will have the best chance of making a sale on a used motorcycle by selling it locally. People who are interested in your bike will want to be able to come take a look at it in person and take a test drive if possible. Most areas will have lots of options to sell things locally that you can take advantage of for free or minimal costs. Places like bulletin boards at local stores and even a local newspaper is a great way to put your used motorcycle up for sale.